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The existence of phones has opened up the portal to a whole set of possibilities. However, I believe its ultimate purpose is to enable people to access a lot of things in a smaller and, of course, portable setting. This is the reason why there are mobile ports for websites and traditionally PC-based software. They are designed in such a way that it is simple and accessible. I think the same can be said for mobile games. They should basically be simpler and accessible without compromising the quality. It would also be even greater if it could be played by a wide range of people.

Happy Glass is one such game that checks the box in all of the aspects mentioned. More importantly, it is a game that is playable by all ages. In fact, in one review on an application store, the player mentioned that the game is great even for hundred year old players! One could only imagine the enthralling feeling that reviewer must have experienced to be able to publicly declare this.

There is only so much that puzzle and arcade games can do to enhance the content of the game. Unlike role playing games or action adventure games where the possibilities to expand are greater, the aforementioned genre which is relatively simpler might not have the same platform for expansion and the capacity to enhance other things like the level of excitement and immersion.

Despite this reality, Happy Glass was able to create a simple yet riveting game that even has addicting and happy elements. For one, the 500 available levels are for sure an achievable yet compelling goal for any player. Even children would find the challenge to complete each level as an exciting objective. Playing the game is also not a dull and mindless endeavor as it really enables the critical and analytic thinking of anyone playing it. Again, it is also great for kids since it helps them think and solve problems. Even the simple and cute graphics, with the wiggling pencil accompanied by sounds, and the lines are all factors that contribute to it being a well-designed game.

Again, mobile applications tend to be simpler and more accessible, but it should not be made in a demeaning way or in a lower quality – which is exactly what Happy Glass is. 

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